Unbreakable Laws of Good Label Design

It is said that consumers will only spend a maximum of 4 seconds looking at packaging before making that crucial decision of whether to buy or not. The lifetime value of your potential customer hangs in the balance and if they can’t immediately see what you’re selling, why they should buy ¬†your brand over their

New Year Marketing Resolutions

Happy New Year! If your business resolutions this year have revenue generation at their heart (just a guess!) then you need to have some solid marketing resolutions to make them happen. Try these three on for size: Get beneFIT – figure out what the benefits of your brand are to your customer and communicate them
LinkedIn Reputation

Friend or Foe? Are you risking your rep on LinkedIn?

Trust is a big part of any network, ditto for LinkedIn. Pretending to be a friend may make you appear to be desperate, dishonest and possibly deluded!

Setting Marketing Objectives

Before you begin the process of developing your marketing strategy and plan, you need to set out your marketing objectives.

Help your customers to buy more

Following these three simple steps could help you to increase sales and to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Get your brand elected

When making a purchase decision for pleasure, brand personality and image can take priority over price and consideration of features.