Now I’m really getting ticked off

Time management is a big challenge for me and for most people working on their own. Here is an overview of the system I've put together over time that works for me.
LinkedIn Reputation

Friend or Foe? Are you risking your rep on LinkedIn?

Trust is a big part of any network, ditto for LinkedIn. Pretending to be a friend may make you appear to be desperate, dishonest and possibly deluded!

Setting Marketing Objectives

Before you begin the process of developing your marketing strategy and plan, you need to set out your marketing objectives.

Help your customers to buy more

Following these three simple steps could help you to increase sales and to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

The value of setting brand values

How to get the best value from your brand? Invest some time in thinking about your brand values and reap the ROI for years to come.

The wisdom of crowdsourcing

Good one. Now I have to actually take an hour (make that 3) out of my day to think about this properly in order to articulate my gut feeling of distaste for this newly popular practice, because, to be frank, I’m not sure yet why it is that I hate crowdsourcing!

5 Quick Tips for Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool but it requires a sharp strategy, a little time on a regular basis, consistency and clear measurement to work best for you! Here is some useful advice for those thinking about taking the plunge.