Happy New Year!

If your business resolutions this year have revenue generation at their heart (just a guess!) then you need to have some solid marketing resolutions to make them happen. Try these three on for size:

Get beneFIT – figure out what the benefits of your brand are to your customer and communicate them effectively at every turn. Remember that purchase decisions are made based on a number of factors and it’s the emotional ones that usually swing it!

Little and Often – it is better to be active on the marketing front on a regular basis than to aim for one big burst of activity for example annually. You need to work hard to stay on your customer’s radar and to keep your name in the media. Interesting and useful posts, competitions and news stories in social media and via PR and advertising on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will reap rewards in awareness, customer loyalty and sales.

Cut down on Junk – take a good look at your marketing activities and identify those that are not delivering nutrition to your bottom line! It is sometimes hard to measure the effectiveness of advertising, PR and social media marketing, but it can be done! Limit the amount of time devoted to Twitter, Facebook etc and focus on engaging on issues relevant to your businesss, rather than wasting time reading through swathes of posts that will eat up your valuable time.

I hope that this year will be good for you.

The pundits are forecasting an even worse economy, which means that strategic and effective marketing will be even more vitally important for the success of your business – if you’d like to discuss how to develop your marketing strategy, plan or campaign, please do get in touch – paula@ronanmarketing.ie – we’d love to help you to succeed.