New brand identity design for Regan Organic Farm

I loved working with Mary Regan and her sisters Helen and Ger on developing the Regan Organic Farm brand strategy and new identity.

I have been a big fan of their organic chicken since I first discovered it at Enniscorthy Farmers Market and have championed it ever since.  Mary wanted a new logo and label design that would freshen their image in the marketplace.

We went through a process where we identified their key brand values and the tone of voice of the brand. As is often the case, the clients had a fantastic story in terms of the passion they have for the business and the animals they rear and the lengths they go to to do the right thing by them but they just hadn’t found the way to get it across to customers effectively before.

Design In the design I wanted to celebrate the plants that the chickens, ducks and pigs at Regan Organic Farm get to eat every day unlike their unlucky intensively reared cousins. Local Wexford artist Anne McLeod ( was commissioned to create a watercolour painting of wild flowers and other plants to be found in the ditches and fields. I am really proud to have Anne’s work on this branding – the painting is beautiful and unique and makes the design very special.

Graphic designer Mandy Dalton, based outside New Ross ( developed the text and layout to maximise the effect.

Communication This brand is all about integrity, animal welfare and empowering the customer to do the right thing, make the right choice. I wanted to acknowledge that for Regan Organic Farm in the messaging and so developed the strapline – “Small change, big difference, better world”.

People who go to the effort of choosing to buy and eat organic are superheroes to the brand, people who are trying to make the world a better place – this message was designed to resonate with that effort and intention.

The brand strategy is being worked through all of the elements of the business – look out for their website, brochures and van – you won’t miss them!

Thank you to Mary, Helen and Ger who have been and continue to be so lovely to work with. They are so open to ideas and generous with their time and up for implementation of the strategies we are developing.

Ger even left me a little Facebook review – thanks ladies!

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